What are papillon dogs like?

Papillons are a breed with erect ears. They grow well into their teens, but they need early socialization to grow into healthy adults. Because they are such smart dogs, you can expect them to last a very long time. Listed below are some facts about Papillons. Read on to learn more about this adorable breed and when its ears are full grown. The answer may surprise you!

Papillons have erect ears

The Papillon has erect, fringed ears. This is a result of cross-breeding with spitz-like dogs. Drop-eared and erect-eared Papillons are found in the same litter. Papillons have a distinct look. Some dogs have fringed ears, while others have erect ears. Their ears are distinctively fringed and are not quite as long as the ears of most other breeds.

They need early socialization

Papillons need early socialization. Since these dogs are originally bred for hunting, their prey drive is moderate. This means that they can be a bit impulsive and have a tendency to chase small animals. Hence, they need early socialization, especially for their health. This article will discuss the importance of early socialization for your Papillon puppy. Aside from socializing your puppy early, he or she should also be trained to interact with other family pets.

They thrive well into their teens

Papillons are very vocal for a toy breed. If you’re not accustomed to the barking, you might find them to be like a little guard dog. While Papillons don’t show aggression, they can develop some destructive behavior when left alone. For this reason, you should consider adopting a Papillon if you spend a great deal of time indoors.

They are intelligent

Papillons are one of the most intelligent breeds. Their ears are butterfly-shaped and give them a unique look. The breed is also capable of learning commands. It is the most popular toy breed in dog obedience competitions and is the most athletic dog in this category. Papillons are great companions and can excel at virtually any activity. The name Papillon comes from the butterfly-shaped shape of their ears, and some believe that they look like a miniature Lassie.

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They are gentle

Papillons are known for their large, feathered ears. These ears frame their face in big fans. Papillons can have both erect and drop-eared ears. The erect ear Papillon is more common, while the drop-eared variety is referred to as a Phalene. Papillons are gentle and loving animals, and they are a popular choice for a family dog.

They are friendly

Papillons have large, fringed ears and are very friendly. Most Papillons are particolored, which means their head is white with patches of another color. All-white Papillons are disqualified from the conformation show ring. They are best with a particolored head. Black is also the preferred color for the Papillon’s nose, eye rims, and lips. Papillons do not shed much because of their undercoat and thick fur.

They are a companion dog

Papillons have drop-like ears, known as phalene. They have dark eyes, small heads, and black noses. During puberty, the ears will start to grow, and they will be about one-third of the dog’s skull’s length when full grown. During this time, you should expect them to have a thick, furry tail. This will help them wag their tails, and it will help them get their claws out.

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