All about papillon and silky terrier breed mix

Papillon and Silky Terrier breed mixes are the most popular dog breeds in the United States. These two breeds are closely related in appearance and temperament. The Papillon has a distinct appearance and charm. Silky Terriers are smaller and sleeker than Papillons. These two breeds are also incredibly popular in Mexico and Asia. If you’re interested in bringing a Papillon puppy into your family, here are some facts about the breeds:


Papillons and silky terrines are a great mix if you’re looking for a dog with a unique coat color. Both breeds are friendly and loving, and both require regular grooming. Because of their different appearances, however, this cross-breed isn’t the best choice for everyone. If you’d prefer a smaller dog, there are a number of silky terriers that are a better choice.

Papillons are small dogs with erect ears. While they’re a good choice for families with small children, this breed mix may not be the best option if you’re looking for a dog that’s not overly active. Papillons tend to be energetic and lively, and they can be difficult to housetrain. Luckily, a silky terrier-Papillon mix is a very smart and adaptable breed.

Silky Terriers

The Papillon Silky Terrier breed mix is a mix of two popular breeds – the Papillon and the smooth-coated Silky Terrier. This cross is known for its friendly, alert personality. Like all dog breeds, it requires socialization. This breed is more suited to new and inexperienced dog owners. Papillons do not bark excessively, but Silky Terriers do.

Typical health problems associated with this breed mix are tracheal collapse, a weakening of the trachea. This collapse obstructs the airway. This condition causes the dog to cough like a goose and is accompanied by fainting and intolerance to exercise. Treatments for tracheal collapse include antibiotics, steroid medication, and cough suppressants. The condition can also be treated surgically.

Papillon Chihuahua mix

The Papillon Chihuahuan mix dog is a spunky hybrid with a great personality and protective nature. The playful and energetic Pap-Chi loves to be with its owners. Like most Chihuahua mixes, the Pap-Chi breed is active and playful and will curl up in its owner’s lap. As with any dog, however, the Pap-Chi can show signs of separation anxiety.

The Papillon Chihuahuan mix dog’s coat is smooth and silky, and is generally short to medium in length. It may have an undercoat or not. The length of the coat will determine its grooming needs. A Pap Chi with a short coat is likely to need less grooming than one with a long coat. The colors and texture of its coat are inherited from both parent breeds.


A Bostillon Papillon and Silky Terrier breed mix is a great breed for apartment and low-maintenance living. This breed is very intelligent and affectionate, making it a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of time to devote to daily grooming and maintenance. Bostillons also do well with other dogs, though they might not get along with smaller dogs.

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A Papillon originated in the 13th century and is often recognized in frescoes. They originally had pendant ears but later developed erect ones. Some litters today still produce puppies with both types of ears. They became popular in North America in the early 20th century, but the AKC only recognized them in 1915. The Bostillon was probably born sometime during the early to mid-1900s as a result of a mistaken breeding. Since then, this breed is considered a designer cross and is only recently being recognized as such.

Papillon Cairn Terrier mix

The Papillon Cairn Terrier mix is a breed of small dogs that combines the attributes of the Papillon and the Cairn Terrier. Both breeds are known for their intelligence and playful personalities. The Papillon is an excellent choice for families with children. Its lifespan is between twelve and fourteen years. Like the Cairn Terrier, it is an active dog. If your family spends a lot of time at home, the Papillon will be a great lap dog.

Although it is a small breed, the Cairn is still a sturdy, intelligent dog. It is alert and confident and is always ready for an adventure. The Papillon Cairn Terrier mix is perfect for families with children and is great for active lifestyles. It is highly adaptable and can be trained to do agility. If you are considering adopting a Papillon Cairn Terrier mix, be sure to read about the breed’s history.


Papillon and silky terrier mixes are often bred to resemble each parent breed. Because the parents of both breeds are highly adaptable, the resultant dog has traits of both. Because Papillon and silky terrier mixes are often incredibly adaptable, owners of any experience level can own one. While they are generally easy to train, you may need to consider attending puppy training classes. These classes can have several advantages.

A Papillon’s ears are naturally large, covered with long feathering. Their ears frame their face in big fans. The Papi-poo is also called a “Pappy,” referring to the Papillon’s unique appearance. The soft feathering around the muzzle and eyebrows complete the cute look of this breed. Its name, “Papa-poo,” is a common misnomer, although some Papillons with pricked ears are classified as a different breed.

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